David Davenport

March 7, 1955 - February 16, 2021

David Davenport was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, on March 7, 1955. He studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Birmingham University from where he received both his BSc. and PhD. degrees. He married Dr. Güneş Davenport in 1983.

After his Ph.D. studies, he worked in Black Country area in England on electronics design for analogue and digital equipment, and on software development. Later, he worked as an assistant professor in Middle East Technical University Marine Sciences Research Institute in Turkey. He taught graduate classes on computer architecture in METU's Electronics Department. He also worked for Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), computerising their operations.

In 1987, he started working in Bilkent University as an assistant professor in the Computer Engineering Department. He taught Algorithms and Programming classes, CS101 and CS102. He also taught graduate classes on information retrieval. His research interests centered on understanding the workings of the human mind and included AI/Cognitive Science, Information Retrieval and Computer-Aided-Education.